Clear Science Corp. offers three software suites for computational modeling and prediction, controller design, design optimization, and uncertainty analysis.




DESIGNSTREAM integrates computational, experimental, and operational data from many engineering disciplines into a comprehensive set of tools for engineering analysis:

  • Optimal sampling—minimizing data requirements, cost, and time to market
  • Efficient and accurate statistical models—fully exploring the design space
  • Uncertainty Analysis (UA)—determining operational variability
  • Global Sensitivity Analysis (GSA)—ranking the importance of design variables
  • Multi-disciplinary Design Optimization (MDO)—sytematically finding the best design
  • Multi-disciplinary Design Optimization with Uncertainty (MDOU)—accounting for operational variability in optimal designs
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DESIGNSTREAM Analysis Examples:

Sensitivity indices and main effects pinpoint the design variables most critical to aircraft flutter

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DESIGNSTREAM Analysis Examples:

Uncertainty analysis identifies upper and low bounds of the aircraft flutter boundary

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